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Type Faster instantly.

It is quite obvious we are full of tips, answers and all-around help when it comes to typing so we have put together a full proof, efficient and time managing list of guidelines and tips as to how to type fast with a minimum of fuss.

1 - Invest In A Great Keyboard.

An old sticky keyboard with your coffee spilled on it will definitely slow you down. A decent keyboard will improve your typing speed immediately. Sometimes your typing speed is being slowed down by keycaps that stuck and don't function as well as they should. Investing in a good keyboard (preferably mechanical keyboard) will make you typing speed and WPM score increase immediately.

2 - Get Your Fingers Right.

If you want to type faster instantly you need to change your fingers position over the keyboard. The most recommended way to rest your fingers over the keyboard is:

Right-Hand Fingers Positions (From thumb to tiny finger): "Space", "J", "K", "L", ";".

Left-Hand Fingers Positions (From thumb to tiny finger): "Space", "F", "D", "S", "A".

This finger positioning will make sure you reach all buttons at the least amount of time and use all your fingers while you type.

3 - Get Familiar With Key Location.

This can be considered to be vague on first sight but we don’t mean just knowing where the keys are by sight but knowing where they are by heart. This is commonly referred to as touch typing and it is absolutely necessary and foundational if you are to become a fast typist. To achieve this you can start by just closing your eyes and typing your name or a sentence, then repeat the exercise consistently and gradually until you are capable of identifying every key by touch.

4 - Adopt A Proper Sitting Posture.

Your sitting posture obviously affects your speed when typing as you could be subject to adjusting your posture which will definitely slow you down. A few guidelines to a good posture are; sit with your back straight, ensure there is at least 40cm distance between your eyes and the screen and your elbows should be perpendicular to the table.

5 - Be Comfortable With The Way You Type.

Although there is a lot of benefit in the conventional finger-positioning style that is famously known, it really is not necessary to follow it. When trying to type fast, what really matters is if you are comfortable. Therefore, its best to stick with whatever you feel is natural for you other than the generally suggested pattern. For a beginner, however, you should use it as a kickoff point but you should definitely not be constrained by it as well.

6 - Practice With Engaging Copy.

At first, you could practice with whatever comes to mind just to get the hang of it but as you go on, you need to have something to type because sometimes the brain is just slow, not the fingers. You should type things that you find interesting or engaging as typing on something you like or are interested in has been known to spontaneously and progressively increase typing speed and that is obviously not strange.

7 - Enjoy A God Rhythm.

Your rhythm with the keyboard matters a lot when it comes to typing fast. There has to be a good relationship between how fast you type and how accurate you type. The use of the backspace key is definite to reduce your typing speed and if you are typing fast with so many errors to correct then you might as well be considered slow as you would obviously have to go back and correct the errors.

8 - Ease Into Things.

It is definite that as you start applying these guidelines, you will not be as fast as you want to, immediately. However, don’t rush into it. Take your time to master your technique and motion slowly until you hit the right keys out of habit, your speed will increase naturally.

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